Johnston C Range Road Sweepers - Johnston CX200 - Johnston Compact C40

Tindale Trading has always championed the Johnston range of used sweepers and the compact or C range of machines are no exception

The CX200 Johnston sweeper offers;

A maneuverable light weight vehicle ideal for precincts and industrial areas alike
A fuel efficient low maintenance and low noise output sweeping option
Environmental and health and safety approved design with narrow gauge chassis


Options include;

Top Wander Hose for litter collection, Jetting Lance, Air conditioned cab, Reversing Camera , weedrip brush option where required
All of the Compact range come with dust suppression water system as standard as well as a self tipping body and water recycling.

Please contact Tindale Trading Limited on 07885 816228 to discuss the Johnston C Range New & Used Sweeper availability - Alternatively email us using out web contact form